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Walkera QR X350 Pro APM Mission Planner. Como hacer

noviembre 8, 2019
Walkera QR X350 Pro APM Mission Planner. Como hacer

El QR X350 Pro es compatible con Arducopter Mission Planner. Aquí explicamos cómo conectar Mission Planner, para demostrar algunos puntos de referencia, consultando otros modos de vuelo. Walkera hizo un buen trabajo con este quad. #demission

Repuestos para almacenes Walkera:
Walkera USA ha transferido el firmware a su nuevo sitio web, los archivos a

Modos de vuelo:
Waypoints automáticos: le permite mapear las rutas de vuelo de la computadora para el piloto automático
Regresar al lanzamiento: regrese a casa automáticamente usando el GPS, ¡salga! un interruptor
Círculo: círculo por radio
Mantenimiento de altitud: manténgase a una altitud fija
Mantener la posición: permanecer en una posición fija para un aterrizaje vertical
Merodeador: combinación de posición y retención de altitud, flotando
A prueba de fallos: regreso automático a casa en caso de pérdida de señal de radio o batería baja
Tierra: tierra automática
Simple: vuela con brújula
GeoFence simple: casilla definida por el usuario que, en caso de violación, obliga al regreso del helicóptero

► Dónde comprar:
• BNF x350Pro:
• Hobbyflip x350Pro USA:
• Juego x350Pro:
• BNF $ 310
• RTF Devo 7:
• 2 km de Devo 10 blanco:–p-918781.html?p=KT2121095598201211UX

Walkera Estados Unidos:

Cámara y Storyboard: Leo

► Un proyecto
• Lo que usamos:
• Noticias de la revisión de modelos:
• Entre bastidores:
• Revista:
• Facebook Live TV:
• Facebook:
• ¿Qué se está preparando?
• Flujo de prensa:
• Suscribirse:
• Foro:
• Copia de seguridad de la lista completa de parámetros de QR X350:

Debería poder encontrar la información de configuración inicial en se actualiza muy a menudo y cambia. Normalmente puede encontrarlo en (Arducopter / Manual) (Instrucciones) (Primer vuelo) (Modos de vuelo)

Tenga en cuenta que cambiar parámetros distintos de los parámetros sugeridos que probamos puede dar como resultado un comportamiento errático de su quadcopter.

Especificaciones de Quadcopter: QR X350 Pro, prototipo iLook + 1080p, cardán G-2D de 2 ejes, firmware Arducopter, Walkera Devo F7. Lipo: 3s 5500mAh ~ 16 minutos.
Ramsès B Music – JENOVA. Cómo hacer (tipo de medios)


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Comentarios (36)

I did the LvC modification and copied your parameters failsafe etc everything was working fine I switched to return home was coming got to about 10 feet .. lost power and crash.. can you explain that!

Which button we use in devo f7 kindly help for auto pilot and altitude hold and position hold thank you

So what happens if I do the low battery modification can I still do your parameters I am a bit confused?

Thank you for your video I thought nobody could care about the x350 pro in 2017, but by any chance do you still have yours up and running with the lastest version of Mission Planner?Thanks again

Thanks for this video, it helped me with connection few years ago. Now I have Phantom 3 for aerial photography, so I am thinking to experiment with other modes on X350pro (till now I used just Stabilized, Althold, Loiter and Simple/SuperSimple).Did you tried Acro mode with stock Devo-M unit in the quad? Does it fly similarly like other racing quads (of course with difference that 350 is more heavy)?Because for now I test it just by holding the quad in the hand (with just 10% of throttle to be safe), but after switching to Acro the quad still reacts to tilting (trying to keep level) – is that normal? I though the accelerometers and tilt sensors are not operating in Acro mode…Thanks for the info!

Hi, great video! Is there any way I can download your param file and load it into my Qrx350 pro?Also, I'm using my taranis radio frysky rx.everything is working except I can't seem toGet it into calibration mode! Any suggestions ?Thanks!

SUCH A GREAT VIDEO EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks of the info

Great video mate, followed your instructions and it worked first time.One question about the FS_BATT_VOLTAGE. Everyone seems to be doing the LVC mod by soldering to prevent this from becoming a brick. Am I to understand that the mod they do by soldering or modifying the FS_BATT_VOLTAGE are the same thing. If I do the solder LVC mode and change the FS_BATT_VOLTAGE setting as well, what will be the outcome?ThanksMick

quick question: can I map through waypoints from ilook camera?

First i want to thank you for the video the most helpful on youtube about Mission planner but you must tell the configuration for devo 7 fpv , what switch button you use for auto pilot ,channel config etc , i'm really confused about those stuff Thank's in advance

Hi I am having a problem with installing my 3D gimbal. The previous owner had a 2D gimbal, but i have installed my 3D gimbal on the drone but it won't bind with the transmitter. It will only bind if the 2D gimbal is connected. The owner said this is because of his flight planner settings. Any idea where this could be changed to allow my 3D gimbal to work? I am using APM Planner 2

Do we have to turn on 50% the throttle and then turn on the switch assigned to the auto pilot and It will take-off automatically or we have to do nothing and just click on the auto switch ? Thank you !

I'm having trouble doing this.can you show me how to do this on a mac using a QRX 350 Pro?I plug it in and I go to initial setup and it gives me a load of drone options but none of them are a qrx.please help!

Loved your video! <3

hi diydrone…thanks for your reply..i will not change anything now as you mentioned…so you meant to say everything will be alright after i upgraded the firmware to 1.2 since im using the RX706 reciever?

i upgraded my qrx800 to 1.2 bin file since im using rx 706 reciever…can i adjust also the parameters for my qrx800 as you are doing now?…what will i do first sir?

Hello friend, I'm from Brazil, my qr x350pro discharged battery and fell suddenly fell like a stone, how to configure the MP a lower voltage, and he returns home to indicate LVC. Please any tip is welcome. thank you

Hi, nice vídeo.In order not to lose the gps, and return function on the mix switch, I tried to use the gear switch on the Devo 7 transmitter for the mission planner, but was unable to do it. Is it at all possible, or the only switch I can use to activate Misson Planner with the Devo 7 is the mix switch?I'd appreciate if you could enlighten me about it.

Very well presentation:)For the LVC, can i set to the lowest Volts or disable it in the mission planner.As i am so reluctant to cut the wires to disable the LVC. So thought of doing this in mission planner.

Hi,For most of the RTF X350 set it comes with Devo 7 TX. Recently i just purchase X350 Pro Ver. And it comes with a Devo10 but the RX is RX705 which means it a 7 channel RX. Which it suppose to come with a 10 channel RX.But my main concern is, with the stock 7 channel RX.Can i perform,IOC, Auto take off, GPS Hold, Auto round circular cruise mode, Gimbal full brushless control.Is it enough for 7 channel RX?And the Auto round circular cruise mode is only available for Mission Planner?

Hello, nice vid, one question please, do I have to have telemetry for planning missions, or I understand you wrong? I have the qr 350pro and I have learned, that I would have to buy some sensors, to get the telemetry, but for flying along gps point?

I have a problem trying to flash my QRx350 with APM. After selecting the quad from the list, and click on the button, after about 10 seconds I get "unable to gain access to boot loader".  It works ok with my cheap Chinese Arducopter clone. They have different bawd rates but otherwise the same

Hi!I hope I can find helping hands here… I have no chance to get a connection between missionplanner and my APM. When I click onto "connect" at first the window "connecting Mavlink" opens like it should. But than it changes into "Trying to connect. Timout in xx (counting from 25 to 0)". After the countdown it says "Error: No Heartbeat Packets received". The Comport and the Baudrate are correctly at 57600 (in Missionplanner aswell as at the Computer).I have tried to read something about that mistake, but never found a proper answer to solve it. I tried the connection with three different Computers, but all with the same result.Looking forward hearing from you! Many thanks!!

If you decide to set auto-pilot on ch. 7 wich button is it on the devo ? I would also like to know if there's a way to setup different flight mod via the FMOD switch (on devo 7). Thank you ps: I am a beginner btw

Hello diydrone: I have done what you told in the video and still lands in middle of nowhere. Doesn't  RTL and when I check voltage in battery used, is 11,2 V. even when I had put 10,7 V. in Low Battery parameters. Also it doesn't do IOC flight mode.  Is there something I missed or did wrong?Hope for your prompt answer,Regards from Chile

Hello Leo quick question ,Can we use the MP Auto Tune , i'm using T-motors that are 920KV  , anything below  500KV not recommended. or has anyone tried the Auto Tune in MP ?Thanks

Hello i just bought 350pro and devo f7.Can you explain how to set Auto in mission planner ?And which button will execute the program.what is your device output setting ?tx…

hi, i installed mission planner but it is not opening. i installed the apm planenr it opened. so y does the mission planner not opening. it just open the dos page loading files then open the start screen of mission planner and stops. and mission planner doent load. can u know y? i have .net framework and everything is good.

Hello,  first great video,  second I inherited a QR X350 Pro but need the factory settings.  Is there any chance you would have them?    I think someone has changed many of them and it is very iritic  when in the air.    Any help would be very much appreciated.  Grandpa Jake

me use program and know me QRX 350 pro dont work why?? PLIZ help

hello please can I ask information problem walkera qr 350 pro but all function well swicht mix 0 then go wrong swicht 1 accelerates noise too high or low then dropped because I want to know answer

Do you have a video on the Scout X4 with Mission Planner?

Great Video Bro. This information is vital. Pretty much the same gig for the Tali H 500. I've done two paid jobs using the M.P that were used in Video Production.

Someone have saved the parameters before changed in the Mission planner? for QR X350 PRO?Thanks all

Hello all,i have a little problem taht started after connect the Mission planner and change the low battery setting for RTL options.after I did the change semas that my motor power is not stable anymore, and my QR X350 pro when taking off, is not stable at all, so i look and change some parametes in my DEVO 10 and now all is worse… I'm sure I did change just the power to 10,5V and chosed RTL but I was play around this software!! Any ideas? Anyone can tell me ho to set correctly the paramenters in my DEVO 10? Thanks a lot to anyone and Happy new Year

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