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Windows 7 & 8 Phone Home, Drones legalmente legalizados en los Estados Unidos, Agora On Hiatus – Threat Wire

marzo 13, 2019
Windows 7 & 8 Phone Home, Drones legalmente legalizados en los Estados Unidos, Agora On Hiatus - Threat Wire

Windows 7 y 8 llaman a casa como Windows 10, los drones armados ahora son legales en los Estados Unidos y Agora, el sitio de venta de narcóticos, se toma vacaciones.


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First, the initial image of a "drone" (Global Hawk-RPA) doesn't even have the ability to carry a weapons payload. Everyone talking about shooting a "drone" down are pretty ignorant. You would be lucky to even see one, much less shoot one down. You are talking about altitudes of 30k FT +

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they can have weapons on their drones, but if they fly over my property i am shooting it down.

Well, we all know what happened when the first Silk Road got shut down lol

If you're not doing anything "nefarious"' it won't matter if the drone is weaponized or not. It won't be there…. Don't give them a reason to come looking for you or at you in the first place… But no, too many people today pontificate about their rights and completely ignore their responsibilities.

I say the non-lethal weapons should be limited to a net, or maybe a scaled up version of fly paper.

I can't believe that in USA they legalize such horrible and dangerous things like… Windows!

Remove all regulations on drones but make drone theft and hacking legal. And for the love of all things tech don't make someone attacking a drone the same as a police officer.

Well, im glad im on linux, f**k winblows.

When the government started using drones in foreign wars, they said "don't worry, we'll never use these at home."When the government started using drones at home, they said "don't worry, we won't use them without warrants."When the government started using drones without warrants, they said "don't worry, we won't arm them."So the government armed them with "less-lethal" weapons, and says, "don't worry, we'll never put real guns on them."And we continue to slip down the slope.

Tasers, rubber bullets etc are increasingly being referred to as 'less lethal' rather than 'non lethal', because they can, and have, caused numerous deaths. If a drone operator tases someone, how long are they gonna be left lying there before a human being gets to them to check that they're not injured etc?

Police drones (quad copters like DJI) have far more limited range than the military UaV and also cannot carry large payloads or heavy equipment. If they give local law enforcement a UaV that has the ability to carry hellfire and sidewinder missiles, then that would be a major concern.

That Patreon link should be in the links in the show notes below

Law enforcement knows if they goof up with an armed drone there will be backlash that eliminates the program.  I say bring on the drones, look out purse snatchers…you'll end up on youtube getting drone-tazed!

Weaponized or not, if a drone flys into my airspace I'm shooting at it.

Good thing i go through every Windows update. I've managed to avoid all of these. It takes little effort to check what every update does. A lot of time Microsoft are very vague with their descriptions. That's something i'll never install.

tear gas and flash grenades have caused death along with tazers these are called less lethal not non lethel weapons and according to our constitution we as a public must be allowed to arm our drones aswell if such a law is put into place. so i say let them have there toys and give us atleast the right to make money off our drones or give us the right to weaponize them in anycase for us to protect our families from these non-lethal(but still lethal) drones hak5 should do a segment on how to disable drones with radio frequency and maybe a sdr tracker of sorts that can detect drones? specially useful in cali where they are passing a bill that may add even more deadly weapons onto drones for the police there. sorry for the rant and misspelling and what not ive gotten really passionate about this issue as of hearing the news if we cant trust the police to use a camera thats always on how are we supposed to trust them with weaponized drones. this will only cause death plane and simple.

the new world of drone (LOL)

Third…. 🙂



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